Animal Communication

INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt - Animal Communication, Readings, Workshops, 1:1 Teaching
Photo: Earthador Fi Takács


Translating between animals and humans.


Animals are very close to us. For millennia they have lived together with us on the earth. Just like us, they are sentient beings. They communicate with each other and they communicate with us humans.


For me, the basis of mutual understanding is a deep inner connection – this happens from heart to heart, telepathic (through the transmission of thoughts) and on soul level. The conversation can happen in different ways - in thoughts, words, feelings, pictures or even 'film sequences'. Sometimes it is deeply touching, sometimes amusing. Animal communication is as possible with pets as it is with wildlife.


We are all telepathic. It is a skill that every person naturally has. Yet we hardly use or cultivate this in the western world. You may have experienced it before: you think of someone, and soon after that person calls you or crosses your path. Many indigenous peoples of the earth use telepathy to communicate with each other, even over long distances.


Listening to and talking with animals can help to resolve your animal's behavioral problems, communicate in difficult situations between animals and humans, contribute to better mutual understanding, stimulate self-healing processes and give us valuable information about our own lives.

Your Concerns

Do you want to understand what your pet is trying to tell you?

Do they show a noticeable behavior that you don't understand?

Or do you just want to know how they are doing?

Also communication is great when there are imminent changes in our lives such as a vacation, relocation, arrival of a baby or a desire to buy another animal. It can be helpful to let your animal know in good time and to ask about their needs or wishes.

How to go ahead with a session

INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt - Animal Communication, Readings, Workshops, 1:1 Teaching
Photo: Birgit Best

Animal communication works regardless of physical distance. I can visit you and your animal or work from a distance, the choice is yours.


Outside the Hamburg area and internationally, I can work absolutely anywhere from a distance. For this I will connect with your animal at an agreed time. You can also join the communication by phone or Zoom if you prefer.


I will need a photo and the name of your pet.


If you have time in advance to write down what your questions are and what you want to tell your pet, it will save time during the reading process.

For more information in advance, please just contact me.

Your Investment

Appointment by phone or Zoom:

  • 20 min free call to get known each other and what’s your issue, 1,5 h Animal Communication, plus a transcript by email - 185 Euro
  • 1 hour Animal Communication, plus a transcript by email - 135 Euro
  • Short-Reading: 30 min - 75 Euro (Without transcript. For )

House, farm or stable visit:

  • 60 min - 120 Euro
  • 90 min - 155 Euro


From three animals per location:

  • 60 min - 110 Euro
  • 90 min - 145 Euro

Travel costs by arrangement.