Wellness for Horses

Horse - INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt, Wellness for Horses - 'Time out for your horse' to release stress and tension and activate the self healing powers in the horse
Photo: Pixabay

Time out for your horse!


All my tools come together in this session. Using a combination of calming inner dialogue and gentle touch, I connect with your horse. If they're restless or don't like being touched it isn't an obstacle for the work. Often a quiet conversation helps calm the horse anyway.


Once we have established an inner-connection, I let myself be guided by feeling and listening to your horse, to his body and his soul. Placing my hands gently on the body of the horse, I help release stress, tension or pressure as self-healing powers are activated.

Most horses enjoy this work very much, gradually relaxing more and more deeply.


For all horses, large and small, for Icelandic Horses and Ponies.


House, farm or stable visit:

  • 60 min - 110 Euro
  • 90 minutes - 145 Euro


From three animals per location:

  • 60 min - 95 Euro
  • 90 min - 135 Euro


Travel costs by arrangement.