Wellness for Horses

Wellness for Horses - 'Time out for your horse' at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt

Time out for your horse!


Using a combination of calming inner dialogue and gentle touch, I connect with your animal. If they're restless or don't like being touched it isn't an obstacle for the work. Often a quiet conversation helps calm the horse anyway.


Once we have established an inner-connection, I let myself be guided by feeling and listening to your animal. Placing my hands gently on the body of the horse, I help release stress, tension or pressure as self-healing powers are activated.

Most animals enjoy this work very much, gradually relaxing more and more deeply.


House, farm or stable visit:

60 minutes - 110 euros / 90 minutes - 155 euros


From three animals per location:

60 min - 95 Euro / 90 min - 135 Euro


Travel costs by arrangement