Wellness Session Relaxation

Sunset by the Sea - Wellness Session Relaxation at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt
Photo: Pixabay


Online, by phone or in person.


In Person Sessions:

During your Relaxation session, your self-healing powers will be activated using a gentle combination of manual and energetic techniques. These techniques are especially designed to release the pressures that produce tension and stress. You will calm down naturally, and you will begin to relax, regenerate and realign your entire system to a gentle, and relaxed state.


Remote Sessions via Zoom or Telephone:

After a brief conversation to get acquainted, you can lie down or sit comfortably where you will not be disturbed. Place your mobile device near you so we can communicate during your session.

I will gently guide to relax first with my voice and then energetically. CranioSacral Yoga and CranioSacral Yoga Therapy work on the Soul level making it possible to activate your innate healing powers to transform and release the pressures of stress, tension and allow you to become relaxed.

CranioSacral Yoga and CranioSacral Yoga Therapy is safe, during pregnancy and for all ages including babies.


In person appointments are conducted in our office in Hoisbuttel, near Hamburg/Germany or by telephone or Zoom.


Dates by appointment.

Saturday appointments available on request (only by phone or Zoom).



90 minute trial session is available - 135€ Euro.


Most popular package (recommended):

3-60 minutes sessions- 265€ Euro


3-90 minutes package - 375€ Euro