Exchange Evening Animal Communication

Wednesday, October 23, 7 - 9:30 pm in Hoisbüttel/Ammersbek


Practice, exchange and mutual support for those who have been to a workshop before.

Even those who just want to come along and get a feel for it, are welcome.

Cost - 30 euros

For these evenings, please sign up in advance :)

Workshop Animal Communication

Workshop Animal Communication at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt


Weekend Workshop – Introductiory Workshop for Beginners


23.-24. November 2019, 10 am to 5 pm

in Hoisbüttel / Ammersbek


Would you like to be able to talk to animals yourself and understand what they are saying to you?


We all have the ability to do from birth, every human being.

However, because of our way of life in the Western world and, we have lost touch with these skills. We can re-open this in us. The foundation for this is to become still, to slow down, to arrive at a place of peace in ourselves and to open the heart. Because for me animal communication is especially 'listening with the heart' and throught the heart.


On the first day of the workshop, the main focus is on the human being - it is about self-healing. We practice CranioSacral Yoga, immersing ourselves in deep states of relaxation, we come to a place of rest in ourselves, open our hearts and the communication channels within us. In guided meditations, we encounter powerful wildlife guides who will remind us of our own abilities. A series of short, practical exercises will lead you into your first animal chats.


The second day is all about practicing and deepening the conversations you have with the animals.

Depending on the weather, lessons may sometimes take place outside. Otherwise, we'll be in our beautiful seminar room on the northern outskirts of Hamburg.


During the weekend, there is always plenty of time for feedback and your questions, as well as for breaks.

Each participant receives a script with which he/she can continue to work independently.


In brief: This weekend offers you relaxation, slowing down, grounding, self-healing, improving your ability to think and see 'outside of the box' and much further beyond.

No previous experience is necessary.


Workshop Investment:

265 euros - adults

135 euros – if repeating the workshop

145 euros - child accompanied by an adult (after agreement, from 10 years)

Development Workshop in Animal Communikation


New dates are coming soon...

in Hoisbüttel / Ammersbek, Hamburger Str. 15A


This workshop is for all those who have already participated in an animal communication workshop.

We will delve deeper into our animal communication, working with photos as well as physically present animals.


Going into nature, coming to rest in ourselves, working again with connecting us much more with the natural world. We'll be feeling deeper into all the great beings around us - animals, trees and plants.


Also, during this weekend we'll be practicing CranioSacral Yoga. This helps to encourage us to feel calmer, to arrive more within ourselves, to understand more and more clearly what the animals are telling us and to trust our own perceptions more strongly.


It is also very important to share our within the group about the experiences we have had so far with our animal communications.

There's room for everyone's experiences, because this isn't about judgment, how much you 'get' or your 'performance'. The nature of our perception is individual and everyone is at a different stage in their lives. For example, sometimes if we declare an experience as 'wrong' or inacurate, our self-criticism can be too strict. This is when the experiences we've had and share in the group are really helpful!


I really look forward to spending this weekend with you!


Seminar Investment - 265 euros

Basic + Development Workshop - 475 euros

Both workshops, the first as a repeater - 395 euros


Private lessons are also possible. Please just enquire.