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Animal Communication

CRanioSacral Bodywork for Animals

Hello and Welcome,


I would like to invite you to re-discover your perception of yourself, other living beings and our natural world.

To feel at rest, to feel more in yourself, to open to listen to the life within and around us more, and to feel the connection - to our own selves, to others, to nature, to our earth.


Let me guide you with CranioSacral Yoga and CranioSacral Yoga Therapy into deep relaxation and self-healing processes.

As a mediator between humans and animals, I translate the messages from your animal.

I also do CranioSacral Body Work for animals. And for horses I offer a special Wellness Treatment.

My experiences I share in courses, workshops and lectures.


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I look forward to meeting you!

Summer Dates - Wellness CranioSacral

Wellness CranioSacral at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt


"Deep relaxation and regeneration"


Summer Dates:

Wednesdays in July / August 2019

in 22949 Hoisbüttel-Ammersbek, Hamburger Str. 15A


Dates on request,

45 minutes / 55 €


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CranioSacral Yoga

CranioSacral Yoga at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt

Every 1st wednesday of the month, 7:30 - 9 pm,

Introduction at 7 pm


On 3.7, 7.8., 4.9., 2.10., 6.11., 4.12.2019

in 22949 Ammersbek-Hoisbüttel, Hamburger Straße 15A


A yoga path that leads you into deep and healing communication with your soul. As you find yourself immersed in deep relaxation states again and again, your self-healing powers are activated.

We do not practice any physical exercises, no previous knowledge is necessary. More info...

CranioSacral Yoga Therapy

CranioSacral Yogatherapie at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt

Very gentle yet in-depth Body Work for relaxation, self-healing, challenging life situations, for inner re-orientation, unlocking your own potential, or any other topic you wish bring with you.



As a Wellness Application:

"Pure relaxation"

 "Natural Face Lifting" - a wonderful 'lift'. Simple manual techniques to lift and

   tone the whole face and jaw joints too, relaxing lines and easing stress.

 "Liberation for the back" -

Animal Communication

Animal Communication at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt


Translating between animals and humans


Does your pet have problems? Do they show a noticeable behavior you don't understand?

Or do you feel like they want to tell you something, but you don't know what they are saying?

Animal communication can help in all of those situations.

By slowing down and immersing in a deep inner connection with the animal, it is possible to understand what they have to say. It's like being an interpretor between the species.

I help translate between you and your pet.

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Animal Communication Practise Evening

Friday, August 23, 19 - 21:30

in Hoisbüttel-Ammersbek

Practice, exchange and mutual support for those who have been to a workshop before.

Also for all who just want to get a feel for it – come along and try!

I plan to repeat these evenings on a regular basis, every 4 to 8 weeks.

Also for these evenings, please sign up in advance :)


Weekend Workshop Animal Communication

Workshops in Animal Communication and CranioSacral Yoga at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt


7-8. September, 10 am to 5 pm, in Ammersbek-Hoisbüttel


You want to understand for yourself what the animals are saying to you?

Get started, it's easier than you may think.


This weekend offers you relaxation, slowing-down, grounding, self-healing, improving the ability to perceive and think 'outside the box' and beyond.

No previous experience necessary.

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Development workshop on 21/22 September

CranioSacral Body Work for animals

CranioSacral Body Work for Animals at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt


With a combination of gentle manual and energetic techniques, it is possible to uncover and resolve stress stored internally as well as irritations, blockages, disharmonies, even traumas or anxiety disorders. The entire system of the animal can be realigned and harmonized from the inside out. Also very helpful for "fearful dogs" who have had traumatic experiences.

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Special: Wellness for Horses