Hello and Welcome,

As a Coach, an Intuitive, a CranioSacral Yoga Therapist and an Animal Communicator I would like to invite you to re-discover your perception of yourself, other living beings and our natural world. To feel at rest, to feel more in yourself, to open to listen to the life within and around us more, and to feel the connection - to our own selves, to others, to nature, to our earth.

Human to Human


Let me guide you with 

CranioSacral Yoga and

CranioSacral Yoga Therapy

into deep relaxation and self-healing processes.

Human to Animal


As a mediator between humans and animals,

I translate the messages from your animal and will accompany you as a human-animal-coach if desired.


I also do CranioSacral Body Work for animals.

And for horses I offer a special Wellness Treatment.

My experiences I share in courses, workshops and lectures.

I look forward to meeting you!