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About Me - INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt
Photo: B. Best

My name is Annette Voigt, Founder of Inner Ocean Annette Voigt in Hamburg, Germany. I have been working holistically with men and women of all ages for both remotely and in person for 10 years, and with our animal friends in the last 5 years.

Now I am in support of people and animals as a Certified Holistic Coach, a CranioSacral Yoga Instructor, a CranioSacral Yoga Therapist as well as an Animal Communicator.


My previous professional training was as an orchestra musician. For 11 years I was a member of a German orchestra as Assistant Principal Violist. After giving birth to my children I continued working as a Freelance musician with different ensembles and orchestras. But over all this years I still felt that there was a higher purpose for me.


Through a „chance encounter“, I met Andrea Gruemmer, the founder of CranioSacral Yoga and CranioSacral Yoga Therapy. I attended her seminars and later completed her instructor training, knowing in my heart that I had finally found the right path for me.

After completing the CranioSacral Yoga Therapist training I began giving individual sessions, group courses and workshops for CranioSacral Yoga, Meditative Relaxation and CranioSacral Yoga Therapy. I have hosted several workshops and courses at various companies, institutions and universities.


A few years ago more and more animals came to me, the first were horses with back problems. I began to use CranioSacral Yoga Therapy on them with amazing success. 

To increase my understanding of working with the animal kingdom, I attended a workshop by the British Animal Communicator Madeleine Walker. I began to realize, in a very powerful way, that we can understand what the animals are telling us if we slow down, tune in with them and listen. Every time I hear what they have to say, I am deeply fascinated and touched by how healing it is to listen to them. To immerse in their worlds, to feel how close we are to each other and how quickly animals bring us humans straight to the point.


I really love to communicate with human and animals, it has enabled me to serve both with amazing results. My coaching training I completed at Coching Up! - Dipl.-Psych. Angelika Gulder. My specialties include personality development, self-realization, potential development, professional reorientation and human-animal relationships.


I am convinced that every being, human, animal or an other creature, is unique. Yet, when we look at our essence, we are very much the same. We all have more in common than we can imagine. I think it is time to focus on what connects us and to meet each other at eye level, with respect and love.