About Me - INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt

My name is Annette Voigt, I live in Hamburg and I am the mother of two grown-up children. I've been working holistically with people since 2012, in recent years more and more with animals too.


After 25 years working as a musician and a cultural manager, new paths opened during my training as a CranioSacral Yoga Therapist with Andrea Gruemmer. This was followed by further education, seminars, supervision and a Special Back Training in CranioSacral Yoga Therapy. Since then, as well as individual sessions in CranioSacral Yoga Therapy, I offer courses and workshops in CranioSacral Yoga and Meditative Relaxation. Again, these are in cooperation with various establishments, institutions and universities.


Several years ago, more and more animals began to come to me. The first were horses with back problems - I started to apply the work I had done with humans to them. A little later, I participated in an Animal Communication Workshop with Madeleine Walker, realising that we really can understand what animals tell us and how much potential is within their messages. Every time I hear what they have to say, I am deeply fascinated and touched by how healing it is to listen to the animals. To immerse in their worlds, to feel how close we are to each other and how quickly animals bring us humans straight to the point.


I see animals as equal beings who love and support us selflessly. Every human, every animal, every creature is unique. And yet, when we look at our essence, we are all so similar. We have much more in common than we can imagine. I think it is time to focus on what connects us with each other and to treat each other on an equal footing with respect and love.