CranioSacral Yoga Therapy

CranioSacral Yoga Therapy at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt - Photo: Leonard Mueller


Availible by phone, Zoom or FaceTime!


This very gentle and subtle, yet intense and profound holistic bodywork was founded by Andrea Gruemmer and is a treatment that involves all aspects of being human.


Everything that we have ever experienced is stored within us and leaves 'traces'. Experiences that feel positive to us contribute to our health, they harmonize and strengthen us. Unresolved conflicts, shocks, traumas and experiences that we have experienced as negative, affect our inner balance and reappear sometimes after a long time as physical or mental complaints.


Working with a combination of gentle manual and energetic techniques it is possible to uncover and resolve stress, pressure, inner disharmony, traumatic experiences and other causes of imbalance and their effects. This creates space for new inner-alignment as our self-healing powers are activated.


During the session, you're invited to immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation. Generally, it is not necessary to relive painful experiences. Your mind is always involved in the process but doesn't direct the work. Our focus is your soul, whose guidance I follow and who knows the best and simplest solution for you and your worries.


Individual sessions are possible on all subjects that affect us as humans. On interpersonal issues, life changes, life crises, bereavement, resolving flight anxiety or fear of heights, exam nerves or stage fright. Also for quitting smoking or as an internal re-set if youre seeking new directions in life. Likewise for reducing tension and stress. Also great at activating self-healing powers or simply as a Wellness Application.


CranioSacral Yoga Therapy at INNER OCEAN Annette Voigt - Photo: Leonard Mueller

Suitable for people of all ages, including pregnant women or mum+baby/dad+baby.

Generally, you should allow 60-90 minutes for a regular appointment,

For children, depending on their age, between 30 and 60 minutes.


Dates by appointment.

Also available as pure Energy Work on distance.

60 min/85 euros, 90 min/120 euros