CranioSacral Yoga

Get to know CranioSacral Yoga

Dear friends, I have to postpone this seminar, so sorry! A new date will follow.

INNER OCEAN Coaching Annette Voigt - CranioSacral Yoga


(Sunday, March 3, 2024)

7 p.m. Hamburg Time (Germany)


6 p.m. GMT (London)

1 p.m. EST (New York City)

10 a.m. PST (Los Angeles)


Online by Zoom, over 90 min



What is CranioSacral Yoga?

CranioSacral Yoga was founded by Andrea Gruemmer. It is a nonphysical yoga style and can be easily integrated into everyday life by anyone.


The term Craniosacral comes from Latin. Cranium means skull and Sacral is the sacrum (Sacred or Holy Bone).

Yoga means unity and harmony, the union with our soul.


How does it work?

Following a set of guided sequences, we are able to connect with our "Breath of Life" through our Craniosacral System. This is the great spiritual power that works within the cerebrospinal fluid. With this simple method, you will dive into a beneficial connection with your deepest self, with your soul.

In this place within ourselves effortless, deep states of relaxation are reached and your entire system comes to rest. In this connection, it is possible to work on any issue that concerns us. Our soul knows the way.


When we practise CranioSacral Yoga, we often immerse ourselves in alpha or theta states, particularly deep states of relaxation. Science has proven that it is easier to let go and relearn in these states.

Stress, tension, obstructive or negative thoughts and behavioral patterns, karmic connections and physical and/or mental blockages can be easily and gently resolved and transformed. You can re-orientate your inner-self, your mind becomes clearer. Your innate self-healing powers are activated with ease.


This work is done lying down or sitting, without physical exercises. No previous experience is necessary.

Also suitable for pregnant women or people with limited mobility.


To take part, you need a stable internet connection via computer, tablet or smartphone, including speakers and camera. 

Please ensure that you are in a quiet environment. Ideally, you are in a room to yourself. That you can lie down or sit down comfortably and have all the comfort you need to relax deeply. And make sure you have enough to drink.


By the way, animals also love CranioSacral Yoga. Your pet is welcome to join you :)


This event is held on a donation basis.


I look forward to seeing you!